Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ho-hum day

The company I am currently working in asks us to work an accumulated twelve hours beyond the usual working hours for the month. This is because we are paid to work on Saturdays.

I was not able to accumulate such workhours. Until today. I went to office at nine in the morning, and left at almost seven in the evening. Not quite twelve hours? I have been able to extend maybe about one to two hours for two or three weekdays. Offseting, as most employees may know this practice, is what I did for these weekdays. And back to the Saturday. I did not do anything today in the office but look at my programs, read my revisions, beautify my code with equivalent indentations, anything to justify work.

And now that I am out of the office, I'm still in front of a monitor, surfing, 'Friendster'ing, whatever stuff. And this blog.


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