Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ho-hum day

The company I am currently working in asks us to work an accumulated twelve hours beyond the usual working hours for the month. This is because we are paid to work on Saturdays.

I was not able to accumulate such workhours. Until today. I went to office at nine in the morning, and left at almost seven in the evening. Not quite twelve hours? I have been able to extend maybe about one to two hours for two or three weekdays. Offseting, as most employees may know this practice, is what I did for these weekdays. And back to the Saturday. I did not do anything today in the office but look at my programs, read my revisions, beautify my code with equivalent indentations, anything to justify work.

And now that I am out of the office, I'm still in front of a monitor, surfing, 'Friendster'ing, whatever stuff. And this blog.

Thursday, July 29, 2004



Sunday, July 25, 2004

Freaky Sunday

This is one of the greatest Sundays I had for at least this month.  I haven't been out of my bed till noon.  I got up for lunch (tinolang manok).  I went to sit on my bed for two hours surfing local channels (we don't have cable).  I went to sleep again.  I woke up at 5:30 in the afternoon.  Got a bath, dressed up for the 6:15pm mass.  Went to the church for mass.  Then went to this netcafe to post a blog.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Life after Angelo dela Cruz

Now that Angelo dela Cruz is home, I just hope the media attention dies down as he needs settling down too.  And we need settling down, too, from his excessive news exposure in the past two weeks.  Enough of the debates on his heroism.  He is home.  Now is the time to work for the country.

And enough of the US criticizing our country of being cowards.  They do not realize that the Philippines cannot even afford to send a contingent to rescue him.  And the US cannot rescue him, either, just as they were not able to rescue one of their servicemen.

I think this is reflective of how the US values their citizens, or even their servicemen.  They are willing to sacrifice this life to show petty courage and stupid integrity.  Apparently Americans grew fully spoiled to principles that only they can afford to uphold.  Not that less hold of principles follows a weak national character; the capitalist idea has put a price even on these principles that third world countries have to sacrifice such principles for their people to eat.

Such is a big reason that the Filipino would rather take his fate into his own hands that depend at all to the government for financial support.  He would go abroad, even to the most dangerous of places, like Iraq, just to earn big for the family.  Just like Angelo dela Cruz.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Promotion too late

I have been promoted at work.  Too late.  I already would have had two interviews in other companies.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


I went to Alabang today.  I umpired the tournament of the affiliate group of the bank where I am working, together with two other colleagues.  It was relatively exhausting, however, the 500 bucks was well worth it.  And there will be another one coming next week; this is the continuation of this fun game.
It was the first time I ever set foot on Alabang.  And it was rather validating to realize that it was what I expected; something that looked like a mix of Cubao and Makati.  Cubao, because of the Metropolis area, and Makati, because of the Filinvest area.  I actually have not gone around (I was in Metropolis the whole time), but from the look of it, the Filinvest area truly looked like a miniature Makati (maybe Fort Bonifacio) because of a couple or so buildings.
And I am tired.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Had my fifth haircut in Fix. I look cool. I look stylish. And I look a couple of hundred bucks poorer. Yes. The cost of good looks seem quite high. Am I seeing the Narcissus in me again? Or maybe, it's a sign that I am diverting my angers into something, in this case, an expensive haircut. But what anger? What frustration? It feels non-existent; is it subconscious? Is it slowly creeping into my wallet, ready to drain it of my precious savings?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hard to return to badminton

It's been two weeks since I have played badminton consecutively. Now that I played again, I am seeing my smashes become squat. Yes. I'm officially off. And after about five games (all lost), I gave up. I have to practice again. I have to go play morning, noon and night again. It's going to be hard, I know. But then again, when I get back to my original form, then can I only say to myself that I am one true badminton addict.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Screwed employee

I just have availed a good reason to leave the company. Screwed users. I create programs, people complain. I explain, they scare me. Now that's a really effective way to get your way. Screw them.

It's just that these people don't seem to realize that people should not be treated as so, especially in work. They have dignity. If they want things to be done, they should at least converse to the person to be asked help with, not surprise them with a 'Di na tayo bati' monologue. It screws people up, if that is what they want to happen. But it does not necessarily gets the job done. It agitates people to do things that are against the company rules. It screws people up.

I just hope the user realizes this. If not, then Karma can do its job.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tuesday Blues

The challenge of spoken English to Filipinos is such that they have to overcome getting used to speaking TagLish when speaking formally in a job interview.

That was just the hurdle I had to jump over about 2 hours ago. And inside a mall. Such noise challenges both your analysis of your subject-verb agreements and vocal chords. This noise almost screwed it up a while ago, if not for my in-your-face honesty in telling the interviewer to call me after 30 seconds, just to search for a more peaceful place to have a phone interview. And I found that place. The exit. It had less noise compared to the middle part of the mall.

And then the interview. She asked me a lot of questions. And I reckon I answered them quite well, except for one. She asked me why I wanted to go to Accenture. I, in my worst in-your-face attitude, said that they would pay me more for the work they will give me. Now that's stupid. Honesty screwing you up.

I am just hoping this did not screw it up.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Roddick should have focused more

I just watched the Roddick-Federer final. And I think Roddick should have prepared for the game he would have won.

Yes, he has a killer serve. And yes, a killer serve he has. But one thing noticeable about his game against Federer, and even Ancic on the semis, is his gritty handling of the game ('gigil' in local Filipino jargon). I see that Mike Tyson in him; it seems he always assumes that he will get the ace, always a quick end to the game. However, there is Federer. He returns his killer serves. And Roddick receives them rather sloppily, if not bring the ball out. He should have at least focused on keeping the ball alive until Federer got tired, instead of him being tired of the long rallies that Federer rather gave him in the final. Yes. He should train to keep his breath over these long rallies.

This was just an observation based solely on the Wimbledon final, and not considering either one's other matches ever. And this maybe the first sports editorial I ever wrote. So I expect to hear from critics in the near future. And I admit it is bad. But this is a blog. Just a blog.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

My first blog

Yes. This is my first blog. And I just did it to get gmail. Sellout? Maybe.

Ok. I am here to tell stories about the day that passed, my thoughts, all that crap.

Well, let me see. Laundry from 8am to 12nn. TV time from 12nn to 2:30pm. Badminton from 3 to 6pm. Went out of town to my mom after. And now, here surfing the net.